System of Systems

Distributed Ledger Technology in the Industrial Internet of Things / Industry 4.0

new mobility ecosystem

Complex products such as cars and trucks rely on sophisticated factory automation systems and highly integrated supply networks to achieve operational efficiency, quality and compliance. In many ways, manufacturing and supply networks are complex systems of systems where discrete, self-contained components form a larger symbiotic ecosystem. We believe that blockchains and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) have a significant role to play securing Industrial IoT and enabling companies to harness the value of data.

In our Special Interest Group (SIG) on Blockchains and Distributed Ledger Technologies in Industrial IoT, we will explore how the technology can help manufacturers improve performance, mitigate risk and increase compliance. 

  • Increase visibility and control to optimize processes
  • Drive operational efficiency in view of mass customization
  • Increase throughput and asset utilization using predictive maintenance
  • Simplify compliance with regulatory and trading partner requirements
  • Mitigate risks in cyber-physical systems 

Through workshops, hackathons, POCs and demonstrators we will seek answers to questions such the following.

  • How can DLTs enable secure data sharing on the shop floor and across facilities and business partners? How can DLTs enable trusted connectivity in open systems and establish trust in data?
  • How can the technology be used to mitigate risks stemming from hyper connectivity and cyber-physical systems? 
  • How might an immutable, shared ledger enable Industrial IoT applications, such as supply chain traceability, parts authentication and process compliance?
  • What is the role of DLTs in digital identities for things and related digital twins that mirror the physical object throughout its lifecycle?
  • What future business models become possible in a world of Industrial IoT powered by robotics and AI enabled by secure machine-to-machine data transfers and fee-less micro-payments?